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Get Family to feel safe - Part 3

 Making a  "Complete" plan with natural ingredients 

 Viral infection challenge have come intermittently since last decade, hence it is important to be prepared to handle the same with a solid plan.

A solid plan for your family should consider both:-

  • Short term - on onset of Viral infections
  • Long term - being prepared for upcoming viral infections
    • Choose supplements which help maintain immune health, without causing any side effects.


    Based upon extensive study Rahul had already chalked out his plan to cover physical health aspects of family :- 

    • Diet, sleep & regular exercise enable to keep immune system in good health.
    • Use of Herbal ingredients & phytonutrients that have immune-modulatory and anti-viral action to combat pathogens.
    • respiratory viral infections may need relief from cold and other related symptoms.

    He also deduced the following are the phyto ingredients that are of use for respiratory viral infections:-

    • Andrographis Paniculata-has immune modulatory action
    • Adhatoda vasica – has expectorant action for cough & strong anti-virus activity.
    • Licorice/Glycyrrhiza Gabra – has antiviral action & loosens the dry cough.
    • Withania Somnifera - is an immune amphoteric so both stimulating immune response in low immune states and exerting an immunosuppressive action.
    • Boswellia serrata.-has anti inflammatory action to help reduce inflammation
    • Green tea (Camellia sinensis):  exerts anti-inflammatory activity & immunomodulatory 

    Further, Rahul also found that eating whole Fruits like orange,pomegranate, apple & vegetables help to improve immune health and acts as immune-modulators.

    However, he noted that some of the phyto-herbal ingredients are to be used for limited term basis, as it could cause other effects. So, choice of products that consider these aspects and help your plan for long term protection - is the way to go forward.

    After thorough research and references he found Natoguard Amp-up to be suitable for his family. As Natoguard range -gives solid options to handle viral infections (Natoguard Amp-Up) and supplement your immune health (Natoguard).

    Take timely action now, check our immune health range.

    For more information on how Natoguard range of products that help you manage viral infections, please read our blog post.

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