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Get Family to Feel Safe- Part 1

Planning to take care of Physical & Mental health aspects of Children 

 Amid the viral storm waves that keep coming, Rahul is determined to ensure the safety of his family. In particular with his teen girl and young boy, it is quite a challenge. He wants to firms up his plan to guard his family.

He knows, a solid plan must consider the various facets including taking care the physical health as well as the mental health of children. And it would help him continue to foster the development of his young children, unperturbed by the happenings. And it starts with getting family members to "feel safe".

To feel safe is a basic human necessity. According to the dictionary, it means “to feel protected from or not exposed to danger or risk; not likely to be harmed or lost.”  Quite a challenge with what’s all happened. Particularly with children this includes trying to keep them occupied like keep up with the school work etc.

Rahul has come to know that, Children look to parents for guidance in handling such scenarios. It is important to teach them about with correct information on infection including  preventive measures. This allays their sense of fear and give them sense of control. He has been following UNICEF recommended guidelines (below) for parents to support their children during such times, with particular interest :-

  • Stick to a routine – Keep children engaged with standard routine of learning, play time and family time
  • Be proactive in communication – reassure your children about the infection and not to feel anxious about it by following hygenic practices like washing their hand and staying at home.
  • Letting Children feel their emotions – Empathy and support are the way to go – with children disappointed about missing out on their school, plays, sports and interaction with friends.
  • Check on them on what they are hearing -it is important to bust the myths, break fears by properly guiding against the misinformation that is circulating in various media.
  • Create welcome distractions – like having family game night or cooking a meal together to engage them. Some leeway could be given to teens. Instead, they could be encouraged to participate in family activity planning which should help keep them engaged.
  • Parents to monitor their own behaviour – like to not overshare their fears, keep their emotions in check in proximity of children.

 Rahul and his wife ensure to follow these guidelines.  Apart from encouraging their children to follow their diet, get sufficient sleep and regular exercise. This helps take of the mental health part.

With regard to Physical health, they have been following the news on vaccination options for Children while using traditional herbal products to boost immunity. They have learnt about traditional herb ingredients which also have antiviral properties to guard against viral infections.

To start with, you could see what he did about the  health aspects of his parents (who stay with him) - by checking next part.

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