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Get Family to feel safe - Part 2

Planning to take care of Physical & Mental health aspects of Elders

Taking care of elders in the family already has it’s set of challenges which Rahul & his wife are well aware. He wants to ensure to have a plan in place for the same.

In particular, in these times of viral infections the risk to elderly is quite significant. Since elderly are likely to be having ailments for which they are already under treatment like diabetes, hypertension etc.

He knows, a solid plan must consider the various facets including taking care the physical health as well as the mental health of his Eldery parents. So that it would help them contineu undisturbed by the happenings. And it all starts with getting family members to "feel safe".

Rahul has been scorching the reliable sources for information on elderly care during these times. He has to know that in these time of viral infections – special care must be taken for elders in the family. They will have to reminded often to practice hand washing. And to cover their mouth & nose with bent elbow when they cough or sneeze. They must be closely watched for any symptoms and timely medical help must be sought.

The health threat apart all these happenings and the following factors further contribute to the stress of the elders:-

  • Uncertainty about the symptoms and course of illness
  • Fear of death
  • Fear of losing loved ones
  • Overwhelming incomprehensive quantum of information

It is important to take care of the mental health of the elders (like the case of Rahul’s parents) for them to feel safe. Since coming across the “National Institute of Mental health and  Neuro sciences guidelines (below) for taking care of the mental health for elderly” he has been encouraging his parents to follow it :-

  • Spending quality time with family -like healthy family discussions at home or to loved ones Video calls, Whatsapp etc helps their reduce anxiety and stress.
  • Spend time on recreational activities – spending time on puzzles, board games help reduce boredom.
  • Connecting to loved ones – once in a while phone or video call to keep stress at bay
  • Make some time for exercise – simple stretching exercise, walking, yoga contribute to physical as well as mental health.
  • Cut down on listening to news – cutting down on or limit watching time of Television news, following only reliable sources of information helps.

 While honouring their opinions and fulfilling their desires it is important to draw line on the side of safety. Rahul know it is better to be prepared to handle such situations in advance.It is better to plan with a long term perspective like maintaining healthy immune system in a condition good enough to combat viral infections.

To know about the herbal product options  that Rahul considered. And to know how he framed his long term plan to safe guard his family,

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