Getting Children Back 2 School :
with a Solid Immune health plan

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Natoguard >  Immune Health & wellness

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  • Phyto Nutrient Supplement to promote immune health
  • Promotes overall wellness on regular consumption
  • Dose:

    Children: 2-6 years: 5-10ml once or 2 times a day after food

                          6-12 years: 10ml once or 2 times a day after food

              Adult & Children above 12years:-

                      10-20ml once or two times a day after food

  • To be mixed with water (Hot or cold) as suitable - enjoyed as an alternative for hot beverages (like Tea, coffee) or juice.

Natoguard Amp-Up > for Viral fever & cold

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  • Ayurveda medicine to Amp up your defences against viral fever, cold etc
  • To be taken on onset on viral infection season like flu, cold etc



  OPTION 2: - Assess more before making plan more solid :-

        A solid immune health plan is essential to get children back to school with confidence. It:-

  • should ensure round the year coverage
  • should not cause adverse effects on regular consumption (like high dose Vitamin C/Zinc)
  • should not have effects on overdose or incorrect dose use
  • should be easy to follow for majority of children - fruit & vegetable based diet while beneficial, is difficult for children to sustain.
  • should enable complaint consumption easily – traditional herbs while beneficial, is difficult to procure & consume on regular basis
  • should enable combat viral fever & infections that come in many forms -with an option to amp-up defences if necessary.


      Natoguard – Natoguard Amp-up – Your solid immune health plan

      A solid plan enabling good immune health with regular consumption with option to Amp-up defences during onset of an outbreak or infection.

      For more information on forming a solid immune health plan -check our immune health page

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