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How to protect your family from respiratory viral infections with herb

In terms of managing respiratory viral infections it important to consider short term action that may be required - the nature of viral outbreak could have a bearing on this. 

However, long term planning in terms of maintaining immune health and overall wellness is important too.

In this regard, Natoguard range provides options for both short term and long term action. Natoguard range includes:-

  • Natoguard AMP-UPa mix of traditional ingrdients, has been devised for usage both on Prophylatic basis during outbreak of cold or other viral infections and treatement during the infection phase.
  • Natoguard, a  Phytonutrient supplement –  comprising set of ingredients rich in  Antioxidant & Polyphenols, to promote immune health and overall wellness. On continued use supports in prevention of chronic diseases.
It is important to note that Natoguard AMP-UP needs to be taken during winter or  onset of viral infection – prophylactically or for treatment when infected.
However, after this period it is better to continue with Natoguard tablets on regular basis for better immune health. And Natoguard AMP-UP be called upon when necessary. The following may illustrate this pictorically:-

For further information check our product pages of Natoguard Amp-UP and Natoguard.

Take Action now to manage viral infections, check.our Immune Health range.& Antiviral range

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